Health Care & Medicine

Context of this Job

This is an open position for Health Care & Medicine at Isha Outreach.

Welcome to Isha Outreach—the social development branch of the Isha Foundation. Registered as an independent trust in the state of Tamil Nadu, Isha Outreach enhances the impact of Isha’s ongoing activities for human and community revitalization. Central to the initiative is a growing corps of thousands of volunteers, inspired to rouse the underserved sections of urban and rural India toward improved health, education and environmental well being.

Isha Outreach’s three principal development initiatives are:

Isha Vidhya, providing highly creative English and computer education to rural children. more...

Action for Rural Rejuvenation, offering health care and wellbeing in village communities. more...

Project GreenHands, stimulating ecological renewal and protection through large-scale tree planting and agro-forestry. more...

In the last five years, Isha’s programmes reached more than 4,600 villages and 7 million people in 33 districts of Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka, Pondicherry and Kerala. Action for Rural Rejuvenation treated over 1.5 million patients and conducted yoga programs for 1,51,500 villagers; Project GreenHands raised more than 8 million tree saplings for plantation and nearly 2,000 poor children are enrolled in 6 Isha Vidhya schools.

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What your role will be

1. To interact with Village President and ensure the village people utilise MHC services. 2. Support to conduct Camps for MHC 3. Create patient Case study / Success Story of Patients 4. Handle issues related to MHC & Patients in the front end 5. Create/Identify and maintain Contacts ( Volunteers ) who support Food supply to MHC Staff in their villages.

Depending upon the competencies, salary will range from Rs. 12001 - 15000.

Required Competencies

Minimal Educational Qualifications: Master of Social Work(M.S.W)

Skills and Competencies: Good Interpersonal skills

Computer Skills: Basic

Required Work Experience: 1 year

Gender Preference: Male

Isha Yoga Center Headquarters of the foundation is situated at the Veligangiri foothills, also known as the Kailash of the South.

What do we look for in our candidates?

Entrepeneural Spirit and an egoless nature.

Proven work ethic with utmost integrity and desire to excel and succeed.

Self motivated, passionate, empathetic and approachable.

You love to have fun, but you also take your responsibilities seriously.